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Shipping & Returns

Unless otherwise stated, all prices include VAT, but excludes. Return contribution.

We draw your attention to all the important details about shipping and provide you with valuable tips and helpful helpers.
Starting with the correct packaging, online scheduling programs, commercial invoices or what's dangerous are allowed - you'll find everything here's the best plan for your goods. Of course, there is also information on the use of parcel labels, until the current international delivery of parcel export guidelines. Take advantage of our service.

payment method
1) Prepaid cash:
Delivery is made after payment amount is received. Items that you have received before the invoice will be held for 7 days. After receiving payment for this period of time, it may be that the entire order is no longer available. In this case, the amount of no more goods will be refunded.
For payment from abroad, bank charges borne by the buyer.
2) cash on delivery:


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